Tying The Tarzan Series Together With ERB's Writng Journel

Many Tarzan chronologist forgets to use Edgar Rice Burroughs, the author's, writing journal as a dating tool. Instead they will blindly follow the order in which the Tarzan books were published. One thing I have learned about Edgar Rice Burroughs, the author, during my research is that he is a rapid writer. When he finished one story he moved directly to another.  The author's presented story lines were the same way. Even if Edgar Rice Burroughs, the author, did not provide an event date a chronologist can be assured that missing date occurs seamlessly and immediately with the other events.

When you view Edgar Rice Burroughs, the author's, starting dates notice how the stories appear in a chronology different than the published ones.  The most valuable information about this list, in my opinion as a Tarzan chronologist are two things.

I know the described events have been completed for Burroughs to record them.  That means all the described events have to be completed before the dates below.  Add this knowledge with other researched information and you can learn a lot.

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Here is Edgar Rice Burroughs, the author's, own time line as to when the books in the Tarzan series occurred.  There is one exception, however, inserting Jungle Tales Of Tarzan into Tarzan Of The Apes.  

Just keep in mind that Edgar Rice Burroughs, the author, is presenting an 1888 Tarzan chronology. As all 1888 chronologies, Tarzan Rescues The Moon in Jungle Tales Of Tarzan can not occur because there were no lunar eclipse during this time period visible in Portuguese Angola.  Time does not allow for Korak in, The Son Of Tarzan, to be Tarzan's born son.

  • Fall 1911 The Outlaw Of Torn

  • December 1, 1911 Tarzan Of The Apes

  • December 1912 The Return Of Tarzan

  • October 26, 1913 The Mad King (Part 1)

  • November 27, 1913 The Eternal Lover (Part 1)

  • January 7, 1914 The Beasts Of Tarzan

  • August 21, 1914 The Eternal Lover (Part 2)

  • September 26, 1914 The Mad King (Part 2)

  • January 21, 1915 The Son Of Tarzan

  • May 13, 1915 The Man-Eater

  • September 6, 1915 Tarzan And The Jewels Of Opar

  • March 17, 1916 Jungle Tales Of Tarzan

  • August 9, 1918 Tarzan The Untamed

  • August 14, 1920 Tarzan The Terrible

  • February 10, 1922 Tarzan And The Golden Lion

  • January 20, 1923 Tarzan And The Ant Men

  • November 16, 1926 Tarzan And The Tarzan Twins

  • May 13, 1927 Tarzan The Invincible

  • June or July 1927 Tarzan Lord Of The Jungle

  • January 17, 1928 Tarzan And The Tarzan Twins With Jad-bal-ja The Golden Lion

  • March 29, 1928 Tarzan And The Lost Empire

  • December 6, 1928 Tarzan At The Earth's Core

  • March 18, 1930 Tarzan The Invincible

  • February 27, 1931 Tarzan Triumphant

  • July 9,1931 Tarzan And The Leopard Men

  • November 21, 1931 Tarzan And The City Of Gold

  • February 9, 1933 Tarzan And The Lion Man

  • May 13, 1934 Tarzan's Quest

  • 1935 or 1936 Tarzan The Magnificent

  • October 10, 1937 Tarzan And The Forbidden City

  • January 10, 1939 Tarzan And The Castaways / Tarzan And The Jungle Murders

  • July 17, 1939 Tarzan And The Castaways / Tarzan And The Champion

  • January 16, 1940 Tarzan And The Mad Man
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  • June 10, 1944 Tarzan And The Foreign Legion

James Michael Moody