Who is Bumude-mutamuro?

"Bumude-mutamuro", is the self written name of Tarzan.  I have pointed this out a couple of times when mentioning the note Tarzan pinned and put on the cabin door when the Porter party was beached.

Burne Hogarth
 Remember in Tarzan Of The Apes, Burroughs, says the jungle lord signs his name Tarzan of the Apes.  We know that this is not the case, however, for it is plainly stated in The God Of Tarzan, a short story in Jungle Tales Of Tarzan, that the ape man does not write his name as 'White Skin' when writing in English.

Burne Hogarth

"Similarly he had arrived at a strange and wonderful spelling of his own name.  Tarzan is derived from the two ape words tar and zan, meaning white skin.  It was given him by his foster mother, Kala, the great-ape.  When Tarzan first put it into the written language of his own people he had not yet chanced upon either white or skin in the dictionary; but in a primer he had seen the picture of a little white boy and so he wrote his name bumude-mutamuro, or he-boy."ERB-Jungle Tales Of Tarzan.

Zdenek Burian

It is this passage which should make it quite clear the original note pinned to the Porter party would have been signed bumude-mutamuro, and not Tarzan of the Apes.

Roy G. Krenkel

James Michael Moody