Alan Hanson Comments ERB-APA #8: A Reply

Glad you shared your Addendum to the Slavery On The Red Planet.  I always enjoy your and John F. Roy's thorough work.,

The hold up on my chronology ERB-APA articles is basically cost of production.  My cost right now is $5 per page, when all said and done.  You know yourself how complicated explaining Tarzan's age is and how lengthy such an article would have to be.  Because of this great expense I have been submitting my longer articles to Bill Ross, and they have been appearing every four or five issues in Tarzine.

My original intentions were to use my ERB-APA space to defend, or discuss those articles.  Plus an outlet for research and communication.  My article How Old Is Tarzan? is ready to be published, and has been for a long time.  I did not want to begin my Tarzine writings with it because of its complexity and length.  Since writing for Bill Ross I have tried to advance in stages.  First of all, I wanted  to get Burroughs fans used to seeing me as a repeat writer.

For beginnings I have attacked some of the smaller problems which confront a Tarzan chronology. Not only have I pointed them out, but I have explained them and offered solutions.  I knew that if my presentations were to far wrong you or John F. Roy would soon challenge me.  So far neither of you have.

The major thing that has been slowing down the appearance of How Old Is Tarzan?, is the slowness of publication of my lead up to articles.  Bill Ross, naturally, is trying to cater to a wide variety of Burroughs fans so, therefore, he is not interested in limiting Tarzine to my particular type of articles, not to mention repeat publications by the same writer.  Thanks for your continued interest.

Like you, I can hardly wait to compare our versions.  My chronology system is simple and I actually revealed it in Tarzine #39.  I believe the life of Tarzan is heavily based on Burroughs' own family genealogy.

James Michael Moody