Scott Tracy Griffin Comments ERB-APA #39: A Reply

Really enjoyed your article Tarzan The Swinging Single.  I can tell right now that Alan and I are going to enjoy your contributions.  I am going to pass on explaining why there are two Tarzan's in ERB, the true life man's writings because I feel that has already been explained by Porges.  When one gets involved in the fictional world of Tarzan there is also another explanation which you did not touch upon.

The Tarzan series was actually written by two men instead of one.  Yes, ERB the writer from Chicago, Illinois had help.  Sometime off stage just before writing Under The Moons Of Mars ERB, the author, met a successful store chain owner from Virginia.  This man just happened to be the great nephew of John Carter.  He showed ERB, the author, John Carter's account and the two turned the events into a series of magazine publications.  Under The Moons Of Mars, the first, was published in 1912 and followed by two more.  The Gods Of Mars and The Warlord Of Mars.  Take special note that in the beginning ERB, the author, did not even want to use his name on the two's collaborations, so the team came up with the pen name, Normal Bean.  We all know about the type guy changing the l to n (Norman) thus the end to Normal Bean.

Around 1910, the now fifty-five year old Virginian, visited England where he gets permission to examine an old monasteries ancient writings.  This is where he comes up with the information that ERB, the author, turned into The Outlaw Of Torn.  In a historical sense this is actually the first of the Greystoke chronicles.  While on that English visit ERB, the Virginian, meets an official of the British Colonial Office as told in Tarzan Of The Apes.  The Virginian's new acquaintance gets a little nippy during a luncheon, and relates to him a tale about one of England's high society families.  The tale was so bizarre John Carter's great nephew could not, and would not believe it.

To save face the British Colonial Office agent produced a manuscript, official documents and a diary to back up his story.  The tale was almost as unbelievable as his great uncle John Carter's.  ERB, the Virginian, collected the information that ERB, the author, turned into Tarzan Of The Apes, The Return Of Tarzan, The Beast Of Tarzan, and Jungle Tales Of Tarzan.

After returning from that English visit it is then, offstage, that ERB, the Virginian, meets ERB, from Illinois. in Chicago in 1911.  ERB, the author, obtains the information to write his successful magazine stories, which he does.  Things were going great until the 'Burroughs Team' was approached by agents of Lord Greystoke.

In 1913 we find ERB, the Virginian, at the Greystoke plantation in British East Africa.  It was there that the Virginian agreed to back off from the realness of the true events.  Therefore, the later Tarzan books strayed much further from the truth than the earlier ones did.  Or if you prefer ERB, the Virginian, is responsible for the first set of Tarzan stories and ERB, from Illinois, takes more control with the second set of Tarzan stories.

Tracy, in your My Doctrinal Stance you called me on the far right which the only part I understand is the right, but I am definitely a literalist.  I am surprised that either you, Alan Hanson, or Phil Farmer would claim to be on the left when it goes against the information provided by ERB.  Hopefully, as you see more of my research I can change your mind.  Don't let the two different Tarzan's block your since of true sight.  As you write more on the subject I will join in, but right now I must finish my differences with my buddy, Alan Hanson.  You have an extremely sharp ERB brain, I am going to enjoy communicating with you.

The Rabba Kega Paradox is something I will have to look into, as I have yet to challenge the subject.

James Michael Moody