Alan Hanson Comments ERB-APA #10: A Reply

Enjoyed your views, and thanks for your response.  I agree that Tarzan is a fictional character, but his adventures are still based in the real world and on a real time frame.  Therefore, Tarzan's life can be dated.

Unlike you, I honestly believe the Tarzan series can be consistently chronologized in a broadly excepted manner.  Probably not by one man, but by a combined effort.  In this and the next issue of the ERB-APA I am going tp present a chronology that has passed rigid test after test.  I invite you and John F. Roy to test my findings also.  I am a Tarzan researcher speaking the truth and nothing more. If I don't present it fact based you correct it.

If we three address this subject I know we can come up with an accepted chronology.  I am willing to supply the main frame work and hopefully you two will add your Tarzan lore to it.  I was very interested in your chronology.  If you don't mind I would like to put yours through the same test as I put mine, and report my findings in a future issue of the ERB-APA.  Your Lost Years Of Tarzan concept hits upon one of my main interest.  I am eagerly awaiting the appearance of that work.

James Michael Moody