Patrick H. Adkins Comments ERB-APA #5: A Reply

Your past tense present tense article about The Eternal Lover really captured my interest.  You certainly said a mouth full when you stated, "Here we see past and present intermixed both in storyline and language.  Could this be coincidence, or was Burroughs far more of a conscious artist than we think?"

Modest Stein

Many Tarzan researchers have taken this Custer visit much to lightly in the Greystoke chronology. Without getting to detailed at this particular writing my studies have revealed The Eternal Lover plays a very major row in the 1888 time distortion.  Like The Son Of Tarzan and Tarzan And The Forbidden City, The Eternal Lover often leads the Greystoke chronologist astray.

P.J. Monahan

Most Tarzan researchers place The Eternal Lover after The Beasts Of Tarzan in the series, but I can't agree.  It is my belief at the time of this writing that The Eternal Lover follows Tarzan And The Jewels Of Opar.

J. Allen St. John