ERB Comic Collector

The first thing that I can remember actually collecting was Tarzan comic books.  I started collecting the tree swingers mags in 1963 at the age of nine.  Jesse Marsh was the artist then, Unfortunately, my first collection of Dells got stolen in a break in.  Although keenly disappointed I did not give up. Starting all lover I rebuilt my collection.

Tarzan Dell #71

I then reached the age where I thought I had outgrown comics.  By now Jesse Marsh and Dell had given way to Russ Manning and Gold Key.  Reluctantly I dispatched collection number two. It did not take long for me to realize that was a big mistake.  As best I could I salvaged as many of my Tarzan comics as possible.

Tarzan Gold Key #187

I then proceeded with collection number three which has out lived the comic producers.  Who would have ever thought that DC and Marvel would have such a short run.  At least other Edgar Rice Burroughs characters were introduced into the comic scene.

Tarzan Marvel #1

It was during the DC era that I became intrigued with the letter columns.  My friend Joe Eller, who was with me at Tarzana, CA during the Edgar Rice Burroughs Chain Of Friendship in 1989.  also collected comics, and he told me he had wrote dozens of letters to his favorite comics and none had ever been published.  He didn't believe the letters were wrote by real fans.  What happens?  I write one to Tarzan and one to Korak.  Both get published.  There went the no fans theory.

Tarzan DC #233

Dear Joe

Your cover for Tarzan #230 was great!  The panels from the other stories added excitement, and I hope the TARZAN head in the yellow circle stays on future covers.

I'd always thought Murphy Anderson's KORAK was perfection, and I was happy to see that the combination of Kanigher, Kubert and Heath makes for the same beautiful finished product.

As always, Mike Kaluta's, "Carson On Venus"  was a welcome (though short) treat.  I would like to see this feature lengthened, along with a revival of "Beyond The Farthest Star" drawn by Murphy Anderson.

May the TARZAN Super-Spectacular appear forever and ever.

                                                                                                        Mike Moody
                                                                                                        Elk Park, NC

Korak #50

Dear Joe:

I just got the second DC issue of KORAK, and I want to congratulate you on your excellent work. I enjoyed this issue very much even though I am not a war hawk.  The art and story were great! You couldn't ask for better.

I only have one disappointment with the way you are handling KORAK.  It should be published monthly.  

Please keep up the good work.

                                                                                                               Mike Moody
                                                                                                               Elk Park
                                                                                                               North Carolina

James Michael Moody