Sunday, February 21, 2016

1873 Tarzan Of The Apes

Date: March 1873
Event: Tarzan puts his inky fingers on a page in his father's diary.
Source: "Six months old," ERB-Tarzan Of The Apes.

Burne Hogarth

Date: September 1, 1873
Event: Lady Alice dies.
Source: "A year to the day after her baby's birth," ERB-Tarzan Of The Apes.

Joe Kubert

Date: September 2, 1873
Event: The last entry in Clayton's diary.  The Englishman is killed by Kerchak and Kala adopts Tarzan.
Source: "The morning following her death," ERB-Tarzan Of The Apes.

Burne Hogarth

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