George McWhorter Comments ERB-APA #26: A Reply

I found it quiet amusing when you wrote..."Magnifique!"  This is an excellent way to begin a story,  It tells us the speaker is probably (though not necessarily) French."    I like your defense.  The fact is that Countess de Coude ejaculated that statement and within all probabilities she is Russian, but as you well know is married to a Frenchman.  Edgar Rice Burroughs never actually says she is Russian, but her brother is Nikolas Rokoff which ERB does state is Russian.

I just love it when you point out things like "Anoroc"  is Corona spelled backwards and "Teivous" is Soviet spelled backwards.I often point out ERB's trickery myself, and it is very important to watch out for this trickery when doing a Tarzan chronology.