Bill Waters Comments ERB-APA #26: A Reply

I really enjoyed reading your articles, especially about Tarzan.  You do marvelous research and do extremely accurate reporting.  I have been reading your work for sometime now and so far all I can do is agree with your flawless information.

One thing I would like to offer some thought own is...I view the Tarzan saga two ways.  There is the real world which involves Edgar Rice Burroughs and his writings.  There is the fictional world which involves Tarzan as a real person and his adventures are narrated  by John Carter's nephew to ERB who then puts them into writing. the end of your excellent article when you say..."ERB was simply unsure what to do with the personality of this character whose unexpected success had demanded a squeal."  When you talk of reality I totally agree with you.  When at play and one views Tarzan's world as real this is an unfair statement.  In the fictional world Tarzan is trying to adjust from beast to man.  Tarzan is doing everything he can to become a man and during this period he reverts to monkey see monkey do. Remember, he also reverted to this same method while studying the tribe of Mbonga.

Keep up your fantastic work.  It is appreciated.

James Michael Moody