Saturday, November 21, 2015

1263 The Outlaw Of Torn

Date:      summer of 1263
Event:    Prince Richard rescued the Lady Joan de Tany from the castle of John de Fulm, Earl of Buckingham.
Source:  "summer of 1263".  ERB-The Outlaw Of Torn.
Jake Bilbao & L Jamal Walton

Date:      July 1263
Event:    Prince Richard killed John de Fulm at the castle of Baron Roger Leybourn.  He rescues his mother Queen Eleanor the next day.
Source:  It is stated during the battle of Lewes that Prince Richard rescued his mother the Queen "the preceding July".  ERB-The Outlaw Of Torn.

Date:  winter 1263
Event:  Prince Richard spends the entire winter at Torn.
Source:  "Until the following spring Norman of Torn continued to occupy himself with occasional pillages against the royalists of the surrounding counties".  ERB-The Outlaw Of Torn..
Jake Bilbao & L Jamal Walton