Saturday, November 21, 2015

1262 The Outlaw Of Torn

Date:  March 1262
Event:  Prince Richard rampaged the castle of John de Stutevill of Derby.
Source:  When Prince Richard meets Lady Bertrade the statement is made, "scarce sixty day had elapsed since he had reduced the stronghold".  ERB-The Outlaw Of Torn.

Date:  May 1262
Event:  Prince Richard meets the nineteen year old Lady Bertrade de Montfort, daughter of Simon de Montfort, Earl of Leicester, and Princess Eleanor, sister of King Henry III.
Source:  "May 1262".  ERB-The Outlaw Of Torn.

Date:      end of May or early June 1262
Event:    While Lady Bertrade is visiting Lady Mary de Stutevill of Derby Prince Richard is busy sacking the castle of Baron John de Grey for hanging two of his men.
Source:  "For three weeks after his meeting with Bertrade de Montfort and his sojourn at the castle of John de Stutevill, Norman of Torn was busy with his wild horde in reducing and sacking the castle of John de Grey."  ERB-The Outlaw Of Torn.
Jake Bilbao & L Jamal Walto

Date:  end of May or early June 1262
Event:  Lady Bertrade is kidnapped by de Vac and given to Baron  Peter of Colfax.  She is then rescued by Prince Richard.
Source:  "Three weeks had passed since Roger de Coude' had ridden out from the portals of Stutevill,"  ERB-The Outlaw Of Torn.