Friday, November 20, 2015

1246 The Outlaw Of Torn

Date:  1243 through 1246
Event:  The two hid out for three years in an attic apartment in London.  De Vac began teaching Prince Richard French, swordsmanship, and hatred of all things English.
Source:  "For three years following the disappearance of Prince Richard a bent old woman lived in the heart of London Within a stone throw of the King's palace  In a small back room she lived, high up in the attic of an old building."  ERB-The Outlaw Of Torn.

Jake Bilbao & Jamal Walton 

Date:  1246
Event:  The two moved to the old castle of Torn in the Derby hills.
Source:  "about six years of age".  ERB-The Outlaw Of Torn.

Jake Bilbao & L Jamal Walton